The Art of Needle Felting

Hand crafted needle felted sculptures or other art forms are made from unspun fibers including wool, alpaca, and cashmere.  Felting needles are very sharp with small barbs at the tip.  The barbs of the needle catch on the fibers which tangle and matte the fiber.  As the fiber is “needled”, it becomes hard and dense and, after many hours, it is transformed into the sculptures you see here.

Needle felted objects — wall hangings, sculptures, bowls or other forms — are very durable and long-lasting.  If treated with the care that any fine work of hand crafted art requires, they will last indefinitely.

Photographs by John Williams – Thanks, John!



“I found your work in a gallery in Camden and loved it.  The animal sculptures are so creative and I’ve never seen anything like the needle felted bowls.  We bought the goat and all our friends admire it.”   ~W.C., Colorado