Animal Sculptures

  • Bald Eagle

    This piece is over 4 feet high.  The eagle and fish are needle felted of wool, alpaca and silk.  The branch is a piece of found driftwood that has been mounted on a sculpted wood base.

  • Seahorse


    The seahorse is 25″ high and 25″ wide.  This piece is mounted on a wood base and has a few small wire armatures near the base for stability.  It is made from wool and was treated with a mixture of glue and water to add stiffness to the structure.

  • Snowy Owl


    This snowy owl stands 18.5″ high and 10″ wide.  It is made of wool, silk and feathers and is mounted on driftwood.  The owl is holding a mouse in its claws.

  • Whale and Calf

    This mother whale and calf swim and hug each other in an underwater dance.  The whales are made from Merino wool.  The whales each have a thin wire armature from the nose to the tail.  They are mounted a piece of found driftwood.  The piece is 11.5″ high, 25″ long, and 18″ deep.

  • Great Blue Heron


    This elegant heron sculpture stands 27″ tall, 7″ deep, and 19″ wide.  The heron is mounted on a large, curvy piece of found driftwood.  The grasses are silk and the cat tails are wood.  The heron is needle felted with merino wool, alpaca and silk.  A solution of glue and water was brushed over the heron.  There are wire armatures in the legs of the bird.

  • Rooster


    This rooster is made of 100% merino wool and alpaca wool.  The piece is brushed with a solution of glue and water.

  • Puffin and chicks


    This puffin and chicks is made of Merino wool, silk and alpaca.  It stands 12″ high, 28″ long, and 7″ deep.  It is mounted on a piece of found driftwood.  It is brushed with a mixture of water and glue.

  • Dolphin

    Dolphins are associated with playfulness and intelligence.  This dolphin is made of merino wool and is leaping over ocean waves.  The waves are also made of merino wool with white silk to represent the white foam on the tops of ocean waves.  This felted sculpture is mounted on a wood base which is covered by the waves.

  • Blue Heron in Cat Tails


    The sculpture is 25″ high, 20″ wide and 7″ deep.  A small wire armature is inside the legs.  The bird is made of wool, alpaca, and silk.  The cat tails and wood and the grass is silk.  The driftwood comes from the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

  • Fox and Mouse


    Will the fox eat the mouse or will the mouse make it to the hole in time?  This sculpture is needle felted of wool and silk and is mounted on a found piece of driftwood.